Fans of the late rock star David Bowie have been calling for his legacy to be reflected by the creation of permanent memorials in the UK. The earnest requests come amidst a continuing period of mourning of his recent tragic death from cancer. In the meantime, temporary shrines have sprung up across the world to allow people to pay their respects to the Brixton-born musician.

How best to honour his memory

Suggestions for how best to mark Bowie’s global impact on millions of people have been plentiful. Ideas have included naming streets and music venues after him and placing a plaque on the house where he was born.

In London there have been calls for a statue to be erected of him in Trafalgar Square, with a petition set up to give the notion more credence and support.

Petition set up

Ronnie Joice started the petition to add Bowie to the fourth plinth, marking the cultural impact that Bowie had on people. If that is not possible, then Joice added that “maybe in Brixton would be fitting.” The local council of Lambeth (which Brixton falls within) seem to back Joice’s notion and issued a recent statement saying that they would “like to commemorate Bowie” and that they welcomed fans’ suggestions.

Westminster Abbey suggested

Other London-specific alternatives have been put forward such as a memorial at Westminster Abbey’s Poets’ Corner.

Similar statues already exist in Liverpool to honour their musical heroes, The Beatles.

Bandstand may be renamed

Fittingly, in memory of where it all began for Bowie, there have been calls for the bandstand at Beckenham in south London to be renamed in his honour. He organised a free arts festival there back in 1969 and Bromley Council are currently raising money to restore the site.

Shrines popping up

Impromptu shrines have already been set up to allow the world to add their own messages and to pay tribute to their idol, including at a Tower Records store in Tokyo.

World’s press coverage

Many of the major countries of the world have seen their newspapers devote several pages to the latest updates, including The Sydney Morning Herald, France’s Le Monde and Germany’s Die Welt.

Even the Vatican’s official publication, L’Osservatore Romano included a section covering Bowie’s life.

Memorial events and concerts

Several countries have already re-acted to his death by organising memorial concerts. New York has expanded “The Music of David Bowie” event from its original concept as a tribute show to reflect the recent tragic news. Cyndi Lauper, The Roots, Tony Visconti’s house band and Jakob Dylan are all expected to contribute to what is expected to be a fitting event.

Bowie’s affection with Australia has resulted in their people organising many tribute events after his death. The star made several trips to the nation, including playing at many of their major cities during his long career and he also owned an apartment in Elizabeth Bay for many years.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide have all arranged celebrations of his music and life. Not only his extensive back catalogue is to feature but commonly his fashion sense will be much in evidence as well. Revelers will commonly be encouraged to don Ziggy Stardust or other apparel from his various alter egos at several events throughout January and February.