British rock group Def Leppard look set to break new ground in the Music industry with the launch of their latest music video. The band have opted to become the first artists to utilise Guitar Hero to premiere their much-anticipated video for “Dangerous”.

Collen explained the decision

Their co-lead guitarist, Phil Collen spoke somewhat matter-of-factly about the decision, when asked to explain the thinking behind utilising the current edition of the Activision franchise ‘Guitar Hero Live’ for their purposes. The 58-year-old commented that as “MTV doesn’t really exist anymore” then it is “cool there’s another medium to represent the song now.”

Hackney-born Collen has been with the group since 1982 as the replacement for Pete Willis, when they recorded their successful album “Pyromania”.

He has grown into a vital component for Def Leppard, especially in the aftermath of Steve Clark’s death in 1991. ‘The Riffmaster’ had battled over a long period with alcoholism before his tragic demise.

Collen shouldered the responsibility for all of the guitar parts on their 1992 production “Adrenalize”. Since then he has become one of the band’s main songwriters.

Changing composition of the group

As with many well-established groups the composition has changed over the years. Besides Collen (guitar and backing vocals), the current Def Leppard line-up features Rick Allen (drums and percussion), Joe Elliott (lead and backing vocals), Rick Savage (bass and backing vocals) and Vivian Campbell (guitar and backing vocals).

Global force in rock music

Renowned for their spectacular stage shows, Def Leppard continue to represent one of the major forces in the world of rock music. Global sales of 100 million records indicate their popularity with fans in many countries, so expect keen interest in their new material.

GHTV is the first place in the US and across Europe for fans to watch and play along to “Dangerous”, which is the title track in the Def Leppard: On Through The Ages Premium Show.

Also look out for new and classic Def Leppard videos for “Let’s Go” and “Rock of Ages.”

Band were “thrilled” at the news

Elliott said that the band were “thrilled” at the news, explaining that it is “amazing to see how interactive music has become” and that debuting on Guitar Herofelt like such a great way to reach all of our fans.”