R5 is an American band formed in 2009which the members are Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Ross Lynch and Ellington Ratliff. Its Music genre is pop rock, but its "vibe" is older rock with the current pop.Their inspiration is the band "Neon Trees". The Disney Channel was and is very important for the recognition of the band. Was disseminating clips, interviews on Radio Disney, and indications to Radio Disney Music Awards, among others, but the most important thing is that the vocalist Ross is a star of the Disney Channel having a large part ofhis works there as a protagonist.

In March 2010, they self-released their EP "Ready Set Rock" which is the "battle cry" of the band before shows. After that, theylaunched independent clips and songs, andthey even performedin small places in southern California. In April 2012, or thereabouts by that time, the bandsigned a contract with Hollywood Records.They released his first work at the label in February 2013: the EP "Loud". On September 24 of2013, they released the first studio album, entitled "Loud". Shortly after releasing the first CD, the band announced the tour "Loud World Tour", his first international tour starting in Europe. Recently in 2015 released the documentary "R5: All Day, All Night", the album Sometime Last Nightand startedthe World Tour "Sometime Last Night Tour".

Their fans are called "R5ers" and his "fandom"is the"R5 Family".

Band Members:

Riker Lynch: Bass, vocal support and compositions

Ellington Ratliff: Drummes, vocal support and compositions

Rydel Lynch: Keyboard, vocal support and compositions

Rocky Lynch: lead guitar, vocal support and compositions

Ross Lynch: rhythm guitar, lead singer and compositions


- The Lynch family's youngest sibling, Ryland Lynch is DJ and he open the band's concerts and accompanying them on their tours.He recently released his first songentitled "Fall Back In Love".

- Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff are a couple

- At the beggining of 2015, Riker participatedat 20th season of the TV Show "Dancing With The Stars" with allison Holker. He went in second place

- Ratliff met the Lynch siblings on a Dance Studio, where they all attended

- Ross was "Austin Moon" at the Disney Channel's show "Austin&Ally". He also plays Brady at "Teen Beach Movie" and "Teen Beach 2", both movies of Disney Channel. Soon is going to start filming his new movie "Status Update"