One of the most-beloved franchises of all time, Star Wars, will continue its story chronologically with Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December later this year. While the main arc moves forward, several spin-offs have been announced and even rumours of prequels have surfaced. Ewan McGregor is so excited, he's publicly stated that he wants to reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the future.

Ewan started acting at a young age and made his television and Cinema debut in 1993. He quickly got noticed by playing a heroin addict in the 1996 drama Trainspotting.

A few years later he was chosen for the role of the young Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was master and friend to Anakin Skywalker (a.k.a. Darth Vader). The Scottish actor played the Jedi in Star Wars Episode 1-3 between 1999 and 2005.

McGregor remarked recently that he would like the fantasy sci-fi to be extended with new films set between Episode 3 and 4, so he could once again reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi. He explained that this grand space adventure was the reason he wanted to be an actor in the first place, from the first time he saw his uncle Denis Lawson playing the X-wing pilot Wedge Antilles in the original movies. McGregor was only six at the time, but Star Wars left him determined to become an actor.

McGregor also revealed that he's not obsessed, but still really excited about the upcoming The Force Awakens and said he's really pleased to be part of the Star Wars legacy. He believes the new movie is definitely destined for success. Indeed the Jedi vs Sith movie is the most anticipated Film of the year (decade?) and should end up beating even the outstanding box office numbers of Jurassic World.

Star Wars however wasn't the only comeback that McGregor talked about, as he also mentioned a potential continuation of his first success Trainspotting. He admitted to meeting director Danny Boyle about the movie, and although no script has been written yet, the sequel could arrive as early as 2016, to celebrate the original film's 20th birthday.