After winning critical acclaim for the new role of a revival of "Elephant Man" on Broadway in New York City, Bradley Cooper, the Oscar-nominated actor has brought the play to the West End, London.

"The Elephant Man" is based on the real story of Joseph Merrick, a 19th century British man who become a travelling side-show freak. When a Victorian surgeon and a renowned doctor, Treves, played by Alessandro Nivola, takes Merrick under his care at the London Hospital, he is astonished by Merrick's brilliant intelligence and unshakable faith. Yet there remains a problem: no woman will visit Merrick, because he is so hideous.

How can he develop a proper personality if he knows no female company? Treves persuades ageing actress Mrs Kendal, to accept the 'role' of becoming Merrick's friend.

Soon all of Victorian high-Society becomes fascinated by Merrick, especially the beautiful actress.

With this new life comes new complexity and a "normal" existence begins to seem all but impossible. Behind his monstrous facade, the "Elephant Man" reveals a person of intelligence and sensitivity.

This is a completely different role, at least different than we are used to see Bradley Cooper's performance. He transformed himself to a touching and wonderful character. The actor has followed the footsteps of John Hurt, David Bowie and Mark Hamill by taking the lead role.

We can see him standing on stage without the use of make-up or prosthetics, almost naked with a slowly rotated hand, a twisted wrist, an elbow sticking out and one side of his mouth gaped so that it can hangs low and open. Also dropping his hip so that can look unbalanced and starting to make half-throttled noises.

Bradley Cooper has already received a Tony nomination for his Broadway performance and with good reason because with this role he proves that is more than a pretty face and ensures that this play is all about humanity and is not another freak show.

This so acclaimed performance can be his chance for new roles on cinema and why not the opportunity to do some classical performances.

The Elephant Man is at the Theatre Royal Haymarket for a 12 week season from 19 May until 8 August.