This was certainly a black day in the life of a true Directioner. As if the news of Zayn Malik quitting the biggest boy pop band One Direction wasn't saddening enough, the popular band member has now deleted 1D from his name on his Twitter handle.

The singer changed his Twitter profile name to Zayn Malik which was earlier Zayn Malik 1D. This has led to a storm on the internet. Zayn had walked out of the five member band few weeks back while touring in Hong Kong and has now further severed the ties by removing the mention of the band from his name.

Some loyal fans of One Direction cannot come to terms with the fact as a result of which they have been expressing their emotions by tweeting under the hashtag #YouWillalwaysbeZaynMalik1D. The twitter name change was coupled with a cryptic message by Zayn, which said, "Is speech an extension to our thoughts or an image that we like to create x," he tweeted.

It's difficult to decode the fan craze for the members of One Direction, but their popularity is undoubtedly still on a steady rise.

Recently, at the Sydney Opera House, the Directioners had tried to take the help of physics to find the answer for the split and had questioned Zayn Malik's decision to quit the band. The answer was given by none other than Professor Stephen Hawking.

Well, a hologram projection of Prof. Hawkins, inspired by Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything, tried to comfort the Directioners. The famous astrophysicist revealed that in a parallel universe Zayn Malik hasn't exactly left the popular One Direction band and all is just as it was when the band started out.

It seems that Hawking's theory has failed as Zayn has made an announcement which is loud and clear.

His ditching of 1D from his name on Twitter should not leave any doubt in the minds of his fans. Twitter remained abuzz with the cries of One Direction fans who mourned the dismantling of the band. Last week, band members of Take That had asked the rest of the band members to call Zayn back.