Fast & Furious franchise is close to every man's heart and closer to his muscles. Like all the previous flicks of the franchise, even this one created a lot of excitement right from the day of its official announcement. The movie was in news even before it was completely shot, due to Paul Walker's accidental death; ironically he died in a car crash making his end an unfortunate coincidence.

Post the actor's death, director James Wan and everyone at Universal Pictures has even decided to scrap the movie, but then they went on to continue the shoot, post a period full of grief.

It was a tough job, since the makers had to shoot Paul's remaining scenes with his brother using the CGI technology.

The biggest challenge of a franchise movie is to incorporate a start which is in sync with the last movie of the franchise, and luckily Fast & Furious gets full marks on that. The movie starts with the fast and furious men returning back to normalcy, post saving the world in the previous installment. This time the movie stretches everything beyond its limits; be it action, be it the adrenaline rush or the magnificent chase, it has all. The movie will leave you breathless at many occasions and you will thank god that they didn't can this one and went ahead to make this crazy flick.

Furious 7 is a revenge story where Owen Shaw's brother goes behind the whole Fast & Furious family to take revenge for his brother's death. Thus, the heroes are forced to leave the normalcy and return back to the streets full of flying cars and pumping music. In the pursuit to win this chase, the Fast & Furious guys get into a shady deal with a government agent named Mr.Nobody (guest appearance by Kurt Russell).

This deal is for rescuing a hacker who has been kidnapped and to get the ultimate surveillance device called "God's Eye".

The chase takes them to the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan, the cars being carried in a cargo plane. The whole chase then goes to Abu Dhabi to retrieve God's Eye which interestingly lies on the top of Etihad towers.

One of the best scenes of the movie is how they manage to drive the cars from one skyscraper to another and then to another, a perfect treat for all Fast & Furious fans.

All we can say is, Fast & Furious 7 nails it and the series deserve an 8th movie.