It's the final chapter of the immensely successful The Fast and The Furious saga, which propelled Paul Walker and Vin Diesel to stratospheric fame. For many, it's a tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a freak car accident in November 2013, when the movie had yet to shoot its last scenes. Now, Furious 7 is smashing records in theatres around the world as the first weekend of screenings has brought in $60 million to Universal studios.

The movie premiered this week in 45 territories and in the first two days has already become the most successful of all of the movies in the saga, which debuted almost 14 years ago in the summer of 2001.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Furious 7 shot to number one in 15 markets, from Israel and Colombia to India and the Middle East. In additional 25 markets, it became the biggest earner for any Universal film on the first day.

Universal Studios know that this has the potential of becoming one of its largest titles yet, as audiences mourn the passing of Paul Walker and feed on the emotional state of all the other actors - especially his good friend Vin Diesel. It's a huge release by any counts, taking 10,500 screens simultaneously in 63 territories. Big markets like Russia, Japan in China will receive the movie later on. The revenue from the movie could hit $300 million, the Hollywood Reporter says.

The movie premiered in Los Angeles on Wednesday, before the Easter weekend. Vin Diesel was very emotional and said that this movie "is more than a movie" and it will make viewers appreciate who they love because "you just never know when the last day is that you'll see them."

He also shared it was very hard for him to go back to work after Walker's passing, as they still had to figure out how to finish the movie, produced by Neal Mortiz and directed by James Wan. 

In the plot, Vin Diesel's character, Dominic Toretto, is being pursued by a dead man's brother seeking revenge. Reviews haven't been as stellar as the revenue, though, but that shouldn't matter to audiences wanting to see Paul Walker's last work, and what is probably The Fast and The Furious last movie.