Kanye West is one of the most notable figures in the Music industry today, but he is perhaps remembered most for his various rants, the most famous of which came in 2009. Taylor Swift was awarded Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, only for Kanye West to storm on stage and grab the microphone before starting on a rant about the fact that Beyonce should have won the award. Kanye insisted that Beyonce’s video for “Single Ladies” was ‘one of the best videos of all time’, the awkward moment went viral and of course went down in history as one of the most embarrassing at awards ceremonies 

As Kanye threatened to do the same thing to Beck at the Grammys on Sunday evening, the artist held back and left the stage before going on a post show rant about the fact that Beck, who won Album of the Year ahead of Beyonce, should hand his award to Jay-Z’s wife if he recognises true artistry.

It was reminiscent of the interruption six years ago, and interestingly enough, Kanye and Taylor were seen chatting and posing for photographs together at this year’s Grammys. So it would seem that six years on the two have put the issue behind them, and just as that happened, Kanye felt the need to do it again.