As Kanye West rushed the stage during Beck’s victory for Album of the Year, people’s hearts sank, ready to listen to another rant. However as quickly as he ran onto the stage, he came straight back off again. The reaction from the crowd was one of laughter and relief, “thank god, Kanye was only joking”, and that certainly appeared to be what Jay-Z and Beyonce were thinking as they witnessed the scene. However, it wasn’t long before Kanye let everybody know that in fact, he wasn’t joking, he just opted to have his rant after the show rather than doing it on stage. 

In his interview, West first criticised Beck by saying that he should hand his award over to Beyonce in recognition of true artistry.

He then proceeded to criticise the Grammy Awards themselves. Kanye stated that ‘if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more’. The rapper then went on to explain that he decided not crash Beck’s speech in order to protect his daughter, his wife and his clothing line.

So despite not crashing the stage, people will once again question his reasoning behind such outbursts, and whether they are really necessary, opinions differ and always will, and Kanye West will struggle to change that.