If you have heard a Gossip about a person, it can be hard to keep quiet about it. The first instinct can be to tell your friends about it. However, there are many reasons why people feel the urge to gossip. When people feel bad about their lives, they may try to make others look as they are worse as they are. They do not care about being on the bottom if they can show that there are others who are under them. In order to show that they are superior, they make up the rumor to show that others are worse.

If people are in the group that likes to spread rumors or gossip, they may feel as if they are left out when they do not gossip. However, if a subject of the gossip was already in a group, when it is time to gossip about him or her, he or she is excluded. People gossip to get attention especially if they are the first people who were told the secret or who learnt about something for the first time. A gossip or a piece of rumor is like money and it can be used to buy attention. Some people may save a rumor for some time and they use it when they are sure that they will get more attention.

People like to be in charge or in control. If a person is at the top of the ladder and he thinks that someone else wants his place. He can destroy the popularity of the other person by starting a rumor about that person. Some people may start a rumor or a gossip about someone because they are jealous of his money, popularity and looks. They gossip about such person so that they can hurt them. If a person hurt someone, starting a rumor about him can be a way of revenge. People may spread rumors when they are bored and they want something juicy to talk about. Gossip has been found to be one method that many people use to entertain themselves and most of rumors got more attention than true stories. Gossip helps people to bond since it requires people to listen and to talk while gossiping. Even if women are the ones labeled as gossipers, both genders participate into gossiping. When a story is said regardless if it is true or not, it teaches people a lesson so that they can avoid the same cases in their lives.