It's official! The new Bond Film will be called 'Spectre' and will be directed by the Academy and Global Award winner Sam Mendes. At 11:00 GMT, in a typical Bond-esque fashion the film was announced. Daniel Craig has been named as 007 for fourth time and the rest of the cast will be announced at tonight's event.

The new film will also be featuring the Aston Martin DB10 which was unveiled today at the exclusive event. The previous film Skyfall grossed £1,108m at the box office and the new film could follow suit. A very successful franchise that seems to be gaining momentum one film after another.

The Bond villain has always had traits which separates them from previous characters and this one shouldn't disappoint. Christopher Waltz has been announced to be Bond's upcoming foe, for those who are not familiar with Waltz who made his name in Inglorious Bastards as SS-Standartenfürer Hans Landa.

The filming locations in the Bond series can only be described as glamorous and in Spectre it follows the same theme. You'll be able to find the crew at the Pinewood Studios London, Mexico City, Rome, Tangiers and Erfoud, Morocco, Sölden, Obertilliach and Lake Altaussee, Austria.

As ever, the conversations now turn to the most important question of all "who are the new Bond girls, I hear you ask?" Well, it's been confirmed that the Italian actress Monica Bellucci will be playing the role.

Bellucci has appeared in several famous flicks including the film adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," Matrix and Prince of Persia. As well as Monica Bellucci, Lea Séydoux (Blue is the Warmest Colour) will also be playing the leading role in the new film.

The filming will start in four days time at the locations outlined above and the film is due to be released on November 6th 2015.

The film will be competing with some big franchises next year which include the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and the new Hunger Games film. 2015 promises to be a great year for film and here at Blasting News we expect to be glued to our seats.