I stand by everything I said about the most talented people going out often before the live shows even begin. For this reason and because only a few of my favourites are still in the competition why not have someone fun and memorable win the competition? I can't even recall the names or faces of at least half of the previous winners. I wouldn't have a clue if I was stood behind them in the supermarket queue.

I challenge anyone with a sense of humour to watch a Stevi Ritchie performance and not smile. He's fun and entertaining and I admit it, I find myself singing and dancing along in my own unique way.

There's enough bad news in the world right now, so anything or anyone who can put a smile on peoples faces can only be a good thing.

I've seen people on social media complaining about how X Factor is supposed to be a talent show, but really, when was the last time the best act won? Besides his performance on fright night proved he can actually sing, probably better than most of the people criticising him at least. Of course those people aren't auditioning on the X factor or similar shows, but maybe they should be. At least then they have given it a try. I personally wouldn't have the guts the audition even if I could sing at all. To those who are saying Stevi is ruining the other contestants chance of a career, if your favourite contestant is as good as you think they are , they'll be signed up one way or another.

Stevi seems down to earth, he's happy to admit his own surprise at getting so far in the competition. He's not big headed or too in love with himself (mentioning no names of previous contestants) and he's not under any illusions but he still goes on stage every week and gives it his all.

He's a positive role model. In his first audition he messed up and still continued to dance around on the spot before eventually picking up the song again.

He could have just stopped and given up but he didn't. Surely that's a positive message to most people not to give up, whether you want to be a singer or have another goal in life, the best thing to do is just keep trying. It's easy to keep going when everything is going your way but more difficult when it's not. Sitting around at home and telling yourself you can't do it has never been the way forward but pushing yourself to keep going can sometimes have surprising results. So that's why I want Stevi to win and that's why I'll be buying his first single and every other single after that.