Director - Renzil D'Silva

Cast - Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut, Sanjay Dutt, Randeep Hooda

Emraan Hashmi is known for doing out of the box Cinema, is Ungli out of the box? Yes it is; does it work? No it doesn't. The problem with Ungli is that it wastes too much of talent, Randeep Hooda is wasted and Kangna has screen time of around 10 minutes in total including her presence in songs which is a tragic thing to do with an actress with immense caliber.

The plot of the movie revolves around the idea of showing your finger to all the bad and immoral things that happen in our society including corruption.

Now the plot is interesting and that is it, nothing else is exciting. The dialogues are too cliché and the direction is sad, one expects more out of the director who once wrote the mind blowing Rang de Basanti.

The opening scene shows an old father and a young daughter duo being harassed in a pension office and the clichés just start a never ending journey from there. Kangana Ranaut plays a medical intern who is a friend to the Ungli gang which consists of Goti (Neil Bhoopalam), Abhay (Randeep Hooda) and Kalim (Angad Bedi). She is the one who introduces the gang in the movie through the pension scene.

Emraan Hashmi plays Nikhil a cop who is ordered by his senior played by Sanjay Dutt to crack down this gang who goes around breaking laws and providing injustice in their own desirable manner.

With little to no struggle at all he enters the Ungli gang and very predictably realizes that he will be wrong if he arrests this gang, but then again realizes he is a cop and has to do so. The movie then revolves around him being in a fix on what action to take.

While the first half is still watchable, second half lags a lot.

Shraddha Kapoor is wasted in just a song named Dance Basanti which adds nothing to the story line apart from the extra minutes. Emraan (Nikhil) ditches her while she is busy grooving to the song in true Batman style, but it fails to have the same impact; because let's face it no one can compete with Bruce Wayne's charms.

Watch it only if you are a huge Emraan Hashmi fan.