There were times where women were unable to take out credit cards in their own name: for the western world those days are over. Currently in developing countries, women's rights can often be limited. In a minimum of five countries today women are still not allowed to vote, and there are girls campaigning for education who are being silenced. In these places, help is needed to modernise this view.

Meanwhile, feminism has been nitpicking in the UK about smaller laws and rights. But it seems little thought has been spent on the clear and simple fact: Men and Women are different.

In evolutionary terms, the woman is designed as the child bearer.

We are more emotional because we want to attach ourselves to a man to provide for our child. On the other hand, men were given the role of hunting and bringing the bacon - sport.

Men have some capabilities which are on average, achieving higher than women. Similarly, so do women, but this article is aimed at providing an alternate view. Take for example, sport. Bring together the most capable and talented sports people in the world and compete women against men at the same event, of course the men will be more successful. Their bodies are designed to be. And that's ok, because we have capabilities too.

Another problem is the amount of chatter about body image. Constantly there are images on the internet: what the disney figures should really look like for princesses; what a barbie looks like in real life; photoshop and how it warps reality on female models. How much is said about Ken's six pack and tiny hips? Or equally skinny male models?

Also, with regards to how women should not have their bodies judged by men. It's a crude example, but plenty groups of young people tease men on penis size. It's an easy joke, made often, and yet you don't see campaigns to stop the abuse that men suffer from the same sort of comments. Plus, there are heaps of comedy sketches where women watch some workman in bare all and ogle over the size of his schlong. And yet the same sketch with men ogling a woman's tits is not ok? In what way does that make sense?

My main point is that it's easy to blame everything on one side and forget that stories always have an alternate angle. Women are generally much more emotional, and take things to heart in a way I don't think as many men do. Therefore, it's obviously going to result in women feeling more vulnerable to these issues. But keep an open mind and look at what the reality really is. This one sided argument is naive and blind.

I know she's not the most popular pm, but there's a wonderful quote from Margaret Thatcher. She was asked to create a society for women by the female representatives in Parliament. To this she stated, if they were to open a society for women, then there must be a society for men.