To some extent, we all get tired of repetition, whether it be a routine or the rising popularity of a certain Music genre we are not fond of.

A lot of the time, new artists get overlooked because of the media being full to the brim with boy groups and bands. The new "Artists On The Rise" series is specifically designed to give talented people the recognition they deserve.

Kieran Eldridge is a 19 year old, Essex-based, singer/songwriter with a rapidly-growing fanbase and a dream. He began performing at the age of 14/15 and, like the majority of artists, he began doing his own gigs around his town and surrounding areas, slowly making his way to the top.

When asked to reflect on his first gig, Kieran instantly announced that his initial feeling was "really scared". Understandable - after all, who wouldn't be at such a young age?

But there is a lot more to it - gigging on its own would not have been enough for him to make it into the music industry. A lot of hard work was put into his performances, and each of them time-consuming.

Busking is a common way for artists to get noticed...and, in this case, Kieran was successful!

Marc Lincoln-Fargeot, the CEO & Founder of A.T Music Group , is the manager of several new artists of varied genres including Stephen D, Michelle, Acacia Road and many more.

Fargeot's wife, Sarah Lincoln-Fargeot took a keen interest in the 19 year old after seeing him busking in his local town of Chelmsford, Essex.

Kieran has been under Marc's management since, and has had a lot of amazing opportunities such as playing at Soccer Six, the world's largest celebrity football tournament.

As well as being the CEO & Founder of ATMG, Marc is a vocal coach to Kieran's best friend; X-Factor contestant James Graham, member of 8-piece boyband Stereo Kicks, whom Eldridge befriended after his manager introduced them to each other.

James and his bandmates made it to week 8 of the X-Factor this passed weekend after singing Elton John's "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me".

Eldridge is currently working on his EP, with the first single "Someone New" already out there on YouTube and Soundcloud.