When Thomas i.e. Dylan O'Brien's memory is erased, he ends up being at a grassy field called "Glade" which is surrounded by high walls giving it a feel of a life size maze. Interestingly other boys are trapped inside the maze too, and the Film revolves around their struggle to escape the deadly maze and proves to be high edge of the seat drama which is entertaining and thought provoking at the same time.

Every morning the door to the maze opens and gives a chance to escape to the best maze runners of the maze, and that is all the information the character of Thomas receives from his fellow prisoners and it becomes an interesting watch and unpredictable too.

Also inside the maze are some deadly creatures like "Grievers" which makes life inside hell and escape a more of necessity. Moreover no one has ever escaped the maze, thus the escape and the way it is directed brings the entire story to life.

The overall theme and story of the movie is bound to remind one of the famous "Hunger Games", it's still fresh and has its unique surprise and shocking moments inbuilt very craftily. The movie stands high mainly due to the fact that even after being a Hollywood movie, it has focused largely on the human emotions while the second most priority being given is to the special effects zone. Overall the movie is a good watch with a climax which is kind of a letdown, but then again as rightly said "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey" and so is "The Maze Runner".

Also Reports claim that the movie was shot in flat 42 days which is an achievement in itself since the final product looks amazing and inviting. The movie makes you feel the "Fear of the Unknown" and that is exactly what gives you chills, because when you are stuck somewhere dark and full of moisture with mechanical creatures' making sure you do not exit then life becomes a living hell.

Dylan O'Brien has given a splendid performance but chances are you won't remember his act post you leave the theater. His character sees flaws in the maze which his fellow prisoners fail to notice, which makes O'Brien's character interesting and noteworthy. The cast couldn't be better with each one of the supporting cast giving their best and taking the film a notch higher, this one really is a team effort.

Will Poulter as the anti-hero is just convincing and makes sure Thomas never gets to escape the maze. All in all "The Maze Runner" deserves a watch, mainly for the human connect and a journey of emotions it takes the viewer on to.