Film – Singham Returns

Cast – Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Mahesh Manjrekar, Anupam Kher, Amol Gupte

Director – Rohit Shetty

Genre – Action, Comedy

Singham Returns is the sequel to the 2011 superhit, Singham, which also starred Ajay Devgan in the lead role as Bajirao Singham. With this sequel, Rohit Shetty transfers Singham to the city of dreams – Mumbai.

Kareena Kapoor steps into the role of Singham’s love interest Avni, a Maharashtrian girl who is the only misfit in the movie as far as casting is concerned. Singham Returns is once again a fight by the loyal and perfect police officer Bajirao Singham against the wrong doings in the system: this time it happens to be against a corrupt politician with a God complex and his trysts with black money. 

The story is well woven and has some good moments. Anupam Kher and Amol Gupte shine in their respective roles. The only problem with this sequel is that it is predictable: one does not feel the same emotion when Singham coins the his famous phrase “Ata Mazhi Satakli” or, for that matter, any of his trademark dialogues; we have already heard them in the first instalment.

Kareena Kapoor speaks a bit of Marathi in some scenes, and while her effort is commendable, it looks off and out of sync. Amol gupte has done a fantastic job at playing a self-made god man who in fact is the darkest godly character Indian Cinema has seen, quite realistic and fictional at the same time.

As far as the music is concerned, there is no noteworthy song apart from the promotional song “Ata Mazhi Satakli”, and that too fails to register as a loop. It is no secret that Rohit Shetty loves to blow up cars in his movies, and Singham Returns is no exception. Enough action is provided by cars exploding by hand held missiles and guns, but, unfortunately, it fails to cover up the absence of uniqueness.

The movie has a good script and some brilliant actors but lags behind in impressing the audiences due to a generally bad treatment to the overall story. All in all, Singham Returns fails to explode on the box office with the same bang as Singham did. If you liked the original Singham, it will be better to re-watch it on DVD rather than the returns saga.

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