A woman in her twenties in Claverham, Somerset, is now too scared to leave the house after she had a “terrifying” encounter with a stranger wearing a black, rubber gimp suit one evening in a dark lane. The woman managed to take a photo of the man.

She said she was walking at night with a torch, when suddenly she saw a figure running at her wearing a full black rubber suit. According to the unnamed woman, the man was breathing heavily and grunting as he charged at her, but then fled the scene.

Villagers threatened by man in black, rubber gimp suit

According to police in the area, there have been several reports of a man in a black rubber suit jumping out and scaring people. The suit has red crosses over the eyes and a disturbing red smile. They were called to the scene of the latest incident on Thursday at around 23:30 pm and used a sniffer dog and a helicopter to try searching for the man, without success.

The woman in question said the incident had affected her badly and she decided to speak to the BBC because she was worried it might happen again, either to herself or another woman. She said she wouldn’t forgive herself if it happened to someone else and she hadn’t given any warnings.

Man runs at woman in dark Claverham lane

The woman in question didn’t want to be named, but told her story to the BBC, saying it had happened on a walk on Thursday evening. She said she was strolling in the lane and using a torch for light when suddenly a figure ran at her. She said he was wearing a “full black rubbery suit.” As he came towards her, she managed to take a photo with her phone.

She said he kept coming towards her, touching his groin, breathing heavily and grunting and it was really terrifying. The woman said when she tried to take a step back, the man was right in her face and was putting his leg towards her.

She said she tried to assess her situation quickly and was beginning to think that she was about to get attacked.

The woman continued by saying she looked around, thinking “Oh my God.” She then began shouting and screaming. While no one came to help her, the man did run away towards the main road. The Mirror reports that the woman still sees the man’s face when she closes her eyes.

Police warn the public about the man

According to a spokesperson for the Avon and Somerset Police, they are aware of residents’ concerns about a man seen acting suspiciously in and around Claverham and Yatton. The spokesperson said police are currently keeping an open mind about the man’s motives, but it is clear he is deliberately attempting to alarm and scare the men and women he is currently approaching at night in the area.

The spokesperson continued by saying that while nobody has been hurt in any of the incidents, police do appreciate the distress people are experiencing due to the man in the black gimp suit.