5 recent arrivals on Netflix worthy of attention

Choose from the latest offers streaming on Netflix this week [Image Pixabay]
Choose from the latest offers streaming on Netflix this week [Image Pixabay]

There is literally something for everyone in the latest offers from the streaming channel, including thrillers, horror, comedy and drama.

There are a number of interesting shows and films that have recently started streaming on Netflix. There's something quirky featuring David Harbour of "Stranger Things," a woman with amnesia kidnapped by her stalker, Jerry Seinfeld picking up comedians in cars and taking them for coffee, an epic animated adventure series for the kids and a Hindi horror Film that has airs of "The Haunting of Hill House."


'Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein' - Short film

If you have been missing David Harbour since he allegedly died on “Stranger Things,” here’s your chance to see him go fully weird. The story follows Davis Harbour III, attempting to understand his dad, David Harbour Jr, in an odd Frankenstein’s Monster related short film.


'Secret Obsession' - Thriller/drama film

Jennifer (Brenda Song) is a woman recuperating from trauma from a recent car crash. She has amnesia and cannot remember her previous life, including the handsome man who claims he is her husband. It turns out that man is actually her stalker, who now has her trapped in a secluded mansion in the woods. She slowly realises the truth.

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