7 Twitter reactions to Boris Johnson becoming British Prime Minister

Twitter has been alive since Boris Johnson was officially named UK PM. [Image via The White House/Flickr]
Twitter has been alive since Boris Johnson was officially named UK PM. [Image via The White House/Flickr]

These are some of the best reactions to the news that Boris Johnson will be UK's next prime minister, including congratulations from Donald Trump.

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8 Twitter meme reactions to Boris Johnson becoming UK PM

Boris Johnson was officially announced the next UK prime minister on Tuesday afternoon after beating out Jeremy Hunt in the Conservative leadership contest. On Wednesday afternoon, Johnson will assume his new role, as Theresa May tenders her resignation as prime minister to Queen Elizabeth II.

Naturally, Twitter was alive with the news, naturally not in a good way but with plenty of humour. One tweet that had to be deleted and reposted was a congratulatory message by Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, who referred to Johnson as the prime minister of the United Kingston. Naturally, even though it was deleted, the tweet survived.

While Boris and Donald haven't always been friends, with video footage shared of Boris criticizing the US President, Trump has already tweeted his congratulations, saying Johnson will be "great."

The following are some of the top tweets of the day.


US President Donald Trump congratulates Boris Johnson

He has recently said in a video interview that he likes Johnson, and that he will do a "good job" after Theresa May messed up Brexit. He said Johnson is a "different type of guy," pointing out that he, himself is different.


Boris Johnson is a 'serial liar'

Criticism is rife on Twitter about the announcement of Johnson as Prime Minister. Owen Jones also tweeted, "The king of the clown racists congratulates his mini-me."

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