5 unusual destinations to explore in Montreal, Canada

Biosphere of Montreal by night. [Image Hamidreza/Wikimedia Commons]
Biosphere of Montreal by night. [Image Hamidreza/Wikimedia Commons]

The fascinating city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada has a number of great and unique attractions to visit.

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5 weird and wonderful places to visit in Montreal, Canada

Gibeau Orange Julep - 7700 Décarie Boulevard Montreal, Québec, Canada

A giant orange stands in Montreal over one of the most iconic fast food outlets in the city. It stands three storeys in height. The diner was founded by Hermas Gibeau in 1932 and he named the orange after the staple orange julep drink he serves in the diner. The eatery also serves various Quebecois “casse-croute” treats, including veggie dogs, cheeseburgers, French fries and the area’s signature dish, poutine.


Biosphere of Montreal - 160, Chemin Tour-de-l'Isle Île, Sainte-Hélène, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Staying with large, rounded things, the Biosphere of Montreal was contributed to Montreal’s 1967 World’s Fair Exposition by the US government. It was designed by Buckminster Fuller, an architect and scientist. Fuller named it the Geodesic Dome, and it stands 20 storeys tall. Initially, the biosphere contained exhibits relating to the Apollo missions. When the fair was over, the biosphere remained. It caught fire at one stage but managed to survive the experience.

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