7 ways in which animals and other creatures teach us how to live

As "top of the food chain," mankind is not doing a good job at looking after our world. [Image Good Free Photos]
As "top of the food chain," mankind is not doing a good job at looking after our world. [Image Good Free Photos]

As mankind causes destruction in the world, the animals that are left still do their best to keep things on track.

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7 lessons from nature we should learn

Mankind considers itself as being at "top of the food chain." However, humans are doing a terrible job of looking after our fellow creatures on earth.

As noted by the Guardian last year, a report says humans have wiped out 60 percent of the animal populations in the world since 1970. Not only is that bad for the animals themselves, but it also risks our survival. In the current quest for palm oil, orang-utans are losing their habitat and their lives, while there are many other alternatives.

Our constant use of plastic is endangering marine life, as well as the fish we eat by being washed into our oceans and ending up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As noted by The Ocean Cleanup, somewhere between 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic is washed into the sea each year by rivers.

People holidaying on the beach also add to the problem. Wherever we are, the currents of the sea take this plastic to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located halfway between California and Hawaii.

Humans should leave the fate of the world to animals as they all have their place in the world and all are necessary for our future survival. Examples of animals doing things right are included below.


Water is for everyone

This amazing photo shows us that water is for all. It should not be contaminated by fracking and industrial waste and should also not be stolen by big industry.


Oysters clean the sea

While the Great Pacific Garbage Patch continues to grow and fish are contaminated by plastic and other waste, some of the creatures of the sea are still trying to do a good job.

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