5 inter-species stories that can teach humans a lesson

Animals get on with each other, why can't we? [Image Pixabay]
Animals get on with each other, why can't we? [Image Pixabay]

There have been many stories on social media about different species helping each other and getting on fine. Here are five to warm your heart.

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5 heart-warming inter-species animal stories that teach us a lesson

Goose shelters puppy from the freezing cold

A man in Montana, USA, found this shivering goose, stuck to an icy pole. As he got closer to her, he found a tiny puppy, sheltered under the kind goose's wings. They have now both been adopted by the same person and are doing just fine.


Meerkats love each other and the occasional human

This man wanted to photograph a different species of animal. When he met a family of meerkats, they instantly took to him, with one posing in typical meerkat style on his head. As a species, meerkats are very family orientated, which is why you normally see a bunch of them on their hind legs and swiveling their heads.


Baby elephant snuggles up to an ostrich

It's hard to imagine birds and animals making friends in the wild. However, in this case an ostrich and a baby elephant get on just fine, with the bird making a comfy pillow for the cute little guy.

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