7 photos of an ice-packed Chicago, USA

Chicago, Il, USA had been badly affected by the polar vortex sweeping over the Midwest. [Image PxHere]
Chicago, Il, USA had been badly affected by the polar vortex sweeping over the Midwest. [Image PxHere]

If you think you are cold, think again as the polar vortex turns Chicago, Illinois, into a winter wonderland, disrupting travel.

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7 beautiful photos of polar-vortex-struck Chicago, Il, USA

Chicago, Illinois, is one of the places in the Midwest to be hit by a devastating polar vortex, causing freezing conditions and disrupting life in general. The bad weather has caused at least 21 deaths across the region, with the icy conditions stretching from the Dakotas right through to Maine.

Some residents of Chicago have been reporting cracking sounds and loud booms and they are not sure where this is coming from. A contractor told CBS 2 that it could be “frost-quakes,” where the ground gets saturated with water and ice. It then expands and cracks, making the sound. Others say it can be caused by wood or metal in the home expanding and contracting.

By the weekend, temperatures are picking up a bit and services are gradually returning to normal. However, see how badly the icy weather affected Chicago in the images below.


Polar Vortex hits the Mid West and Chicago

A polar vortex which is hitting the Midwest of the USA has had a drastic effect on Chicago. “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” is the song of the week after the mercury plummeted on Wednesday to -30ºC. However, it does make for some pretty pictures.


Record-breaking zero degree weather in Chicago

It is so cold in Chicago, they are even breaking records for hitting the top five list for the longest periods of time with zero degree weather. Starting Tuesday at 6 PM, the temperatures were below zero for 52 hours.

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