Trials of big-ticket criminals always interest the general public. The trial of the drug lord El Chapo is now in the last stage as the defence has wound up its argument. The trial has generated a lot of interest. One is reminded of the time when the notorious gangster Al Capone was tried many decades back in Chicago.

In this case, there is a subtle difference as El Chapo is a Mexican who has been extradited to America to face trial. During the trial, many salacious facts of the life of the drug lord have emerged. The Washinton Post has reported that one of the witnesses claimed that El Chapo raped young girls and boasted that the young girls were his "vitamins.


Trial closing

The trial is coming to a close, and the defence has wound up its arguments. The jury will now retire to deliberate on the verdict. In case he is convicted the drug lord could well spend his entire life in prison. Just two days before the jury started its deliberations information has been leaked that El Chapo was sent young girls by a man referred to as "Commadre Maria" for his pleasure.

Some of the girls were as young as 13, and the drug lord made a payment of $5,000 per girl as compensation. It is reported that the girls were taken to one of his ranches where they were violated by El Chapo and his associates.

Defence arguments

The drug lord whose name is Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera is represented by A.

Eduardo Balarezo. He is the defence lawyer and has called these allegations “extremely salacious.” He was of the view that releasing such information when the jury was beginning to start deliberations is very unfortunate.

Maybe Balarezo has a point, but the evidence against the drug lord of killing and smuggling vast quantities of contraband drugs may by itself nail the alleged drug smuggler and supplier.

The NY Post has reported that the allegations were made by Guzman’s former secretary, Alex Cifuentes, who took the stand against his onetime boss. The trial is going on for 11 weeks and is likely to close soon with a verdict.

In US custody

The news has tickled the imagination of the public, and the fact is that El Chapo is in serious trouble.

Mexico which has many other attractions wanted to get rid of the master drug dealer and handed him over to the United States to face trial.

Border wall

Donald Trump who has just recognized Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela has a point when he insists on a border wall. Apart from keeping out unwanted refugees, it could also help in curtailing the drug smuggling racket. In the meantime, the public will be waiting to see what verdict the Jury delivers. One thing is clear that El Chapo will not have much sympathy.