5 top sci-fi films and shows on Netflix right now

Netflix has a selection of great sci-fi series and films to watch right now. [Image Pixabay]
Netflix has a selection of great sci-fi series and films to watch right now. [Image Pixabay]

A selection of television series and full-length feature sci-fi films with something for every science fiction fan.

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5 of the best science fiction shows or films on Netflix right now

Science fiction fans are spoiled for choice on Netflix right now, with a great selection of original series and feature-length movies to stream.

The following Netflix offerings include an original sci-fi series where mankind is going to the stars for help from an alien force. A Film features a battle between humankind and huge alien sea monsters, another science fiction film features the mob using time travel to kill off their targets, a man who has nightmares about aliens destroying the world and they come true and a world where people's chances are ruled by their DNA.

Some are new, others are older, but all are great viewing for sci-fi fans and available for streaming on Netflix now.


'Nightflyers' - Netflix Original series

“Nightflyers” is an adaptation of a George RR Martin novella of the same name. The story is set in the future where earth is almost destroyed and some of the best scientists, along with a psychic, are sent off to make first contact with an alien race they believe could save humanity. However, the psychic’s presence on the ship causes problems and scary vision, leading to the scientists having to save their mission, rather than the world.


'Pacific Rim' - Gigantic sea monsters invade

Guillermo del Toro directed “Pacific Rim,” a story where alien life appears, not from outer space, but from under the Pacific Ocean. The sea monsters, known as Kaiju, are so enormous, huge human-piloted robots, called Jaegers, are created to fight them. However, millions of people still die despite the robots and two unlikely heros are employed as mankind’s last hope against the Kaiju and an eventual apocalypse.

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