5 Netflix sci-fi, horror and thriller movies and series coming in February

Horror, sci-fi, black comedy and psychological thrillers are the order of the day and are available for streaming during the first half of February.


For your streaming pleasure on Netflix during February, trailers are included below for a psychological horror/sci-fi series and a black comedy/sci-fi series.

Netflix is also releasing a psychological horror Film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, a battle between ape and man and a horror/sci-fi movie also starring Gyllenhaal. Enjoy watching the trailers below.


‘Nightflyers’ – Psychological horror/Sci-Fi – 1 February 2019

This excellent sci-fi and psychological horror/thriller is an adaptation of George RR Martin’s novella of the same name. Set in deep space, the 10-episode series tells the story of a group of scientists and a psychic, attempting to intercept and make contact with an alien spacecraft. They hope the aliens will help to give Earth a hope to survive. However, mysterious forces are working against them all the way, with gory and fatal incidents.


‘Russian Doll’ – Black comedy/sci-fi series – 1 February 2019

This surrealist comedy stars Natasha Lyonne playing the role of a woman reliving the same day (her 36th birthday) and dying over and over in different ways. The next morning she’s back and it happens all over again.

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