5 reasons why Shah Rukh Khan's film Zero was a flop

The film stars Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles.


The Film lacks a tightly knit screenplay especially after the interval, after the song “Kasam se jiyara chakna choor hai”, when the screenplay loses focus especially on relationships.

Nothing about the fate of Shahrukh’s family is revealed, and the relationship between Shahrukh and Katrina develops in half baked manner. The film lost its focus from here and to add to that the Mars angle and NASA spacecraft all in unison had annoyed the audience.


Illogical climax

The climax of the film was illogical, and it seems that the makers had made the film believing that Indian audience does not think or reason. A 10th pass person is aboard a swanky spaceship and is flying to Mars; the Indian Audience could not digest this story.


Poor Dialogues in the second half

The dialogues in the first half were excellent and had the audience laughing and bursting at their seams. Dialogues such as the one in which Shahrukh rebukes his father about his habit of chewing tobacco which stunted his sperms, and therefore he became a dwarf had audience roaring. However, in the second half, the dialogues were poor and sparse. There were no light moments, and it seemed that the second half was not directed by the same Director who had done his job so well in the first half.


Stretched Storyline

Events in the storyline become stretched to the point that they become irrelevant. First half was excellent, and all the pieces were in place - Baua Singh, Meerut, Anushka as Aafia, Katrina as Babita, Baua’s father and Baua’s love story had been woven into the storyline expertly. However, the film loses track in the second half. The storyline inflates so much that it is torn asunder. From Meerut, the storyline reaches the Mars!!!


Shahrukh Khan unfit for the role, his image in the audience mind is much larger

Shahrukh Khan has of late tried to wean himself away from his demeanour and decided to do something new. However, his attempts have never been successful. If the new breed of actors like Ayushman Khurana, Ranveer Singh or even Shahid Kapoor had done the film, it would have been appreciated by the audience. However, the lover boy image of Shahrukh is set like concrete in the mind of the audience, and it is tough for Shahrukh to break that mould.


First half and second one different

The first and the second art were alike as cheese and chalk. The second half is very bland and uneventful.

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