YouTube announces the winners of the Ad of the Year 2018

These companies put some thought into their adverts, either to inspire others or using humour to try and sell their products.


Let's face it, a lot of the time adverts are nothing more than annoying, or they give us a break to go and get some snacks, coffee or another beer. However, sometimes the creators of the ads work magic and make something really worthwhile. This is the case with the YouTube Ad of the Year 2018, run together with the Webby Awards.

The following are the seven best adverts of the year on YouTube, chosen by popular viewer vote.


'Heart of a Lio' - Gatorade

This Gatorade ad presents an animated short film called “Heart of a Lio,” which encourages people to sweat for their dreams. Apparently if you drink Gatorade, you can then beat Lionel Messi.


'You Haven’t Played World of Warships Yet?!'

With this game, you can explore the depths of the sea, go to the beach and see the world. It's all there on World of Warships.

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