5 unusual things to do in Manhattan, New York

A natural history and magic shop, a unique carousel, the Ghostbusters firehouse and a dock with a tragic story.

New York City as a whole is a remarkable city to visit. What with Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park and more, visitors have plenty to fill their itinerary [VIDEO] on a visit to the Big Apple.

However, heading to Manhattan, there are some more unusual and off-the-beaten tourist path attractions [VIDEO]to explore, including a natural history shop, a unique carousel, a magic shop hidden in a commercial building, the Ghostbusters firehouse and the dock where the Titanic survivors disembarked.


Evolution Nature Store - 687 Broadway, New York City, USA

Evolution is in the SoHo art district of Manhattan and is wildly different from the surrounding clothing stores. Evolution is a mixture between a natural history museum and a shop, as it sells unique, unusual collectibles, including framed butterflies, seashells, fossils, skeletons and skulls. There is also a range of tribal art on display as well as medical models and posters. If you are looking for something totally different, you have found the right place. Find out more in the video below.


SeaGlass Carousel - Battery Conservancy, State Street & Water Street, New York, USA

The SeaGlass Carousel is a wonderful place for the kids. Built on the site of what was the original New York Aquarium, the carousel is housed in a glass-panelled nautilus shell. There are 30 fibreglass fish, representing 12 varied species and each fish spins independently and swirls around, just as if they were fish swimming in the sea. There is also an LED light display that regularly changes, giving the sensation of being under water. There are also aquatic sounds and music.


Tannen's Magic Shop - 45 West 34th Street, Suite 608, New York, USA

Tannen’s Magic Shop is the oldest of its kind in New York and the world. It has been operating since 1925, supplying magicians with tricks. The owner and staff know the trade well and can answer any question relating to the products on sale. The shop also offers magic camp and classes. The shop is hidden away in a commercial building in Manhattan at Herald Square, right down the passage from the Flosso-Hornman-Martinka shop where the president, none other than Harry Houdini, used to live.


Ghostbusters Firehouse - 14 North Moore Street, New York, USA

There are many famous film locations in New York, but for those who grew up in the 80s, the Ghostbusters firehouse will bring back many memories. While it is the genuine Hook & Ladder Company 8, exterior scenes were shot of the fictional firehouse where our pals, Peter, Egon, Ray and Winston ran their ghostbusting operations. It was closed for some time for renovations but is back in business. The sign above the door even has the famous Ghostbusters logo on display. See inset on image.


Pier 54: Where the Titanic survivors disembarked

The Titanic was supposed to dock at Pier 59 in New York. However, after the disaster, survivors of the shipwreck arrived at Pier 54 on the Cunard Line ship Carpathia. The ship first dropped off lifeboats from the Titanic before heading to Pier 54 to drop off the passengers. They were met by thousands of anxious people, waiting for news of loved ones who had travelled on the ill-fated ship.

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