Star Wars: 5 funny Twitter reactions after Luke Sky Walker's arrest

Mark Hamill who acted the part of Luke Skywalker retweeted a report about the arrest of his namesake.

"Star Wars" movie followers loved Mark Hamill in his role as Luke Skywalker. Now, his namesake was arrested for allegedly stealing traffic signs, according to a report by News Channel 11 wjhl. Police from Elizabethton arrested the 21-year-old man from Johnson City, Tennessee. Later, actor Mark Hamill retweeted the story which was recycled by Fox News. He captioned the retweet with, "The real crime here is Mr. & Mrs. Walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place. #MisbegottenMoniker #AlsoTooShortForAStormtrooper." Many people reacted to the report on Twitter. Here are five of the funny ones.


'Star Wars' - The Jedi you don't seek

This short meme was captioned with, "This is not the Jedi you seek." It's probably a take on Obi-Wan Kenobi's 'droids' in Stormtroopers, Star Wars Episode IV .


The dead end comment

This Twitter user responded to Mark Hamill's post, noting that Luke Sky Walker was stealing road signs which could mean he was now at a "dead end."


The Force is not with you

Of course, it only remained a matter of time before someone mentioned the Force not being with you.


The Police Force is with you

On the same line of thought about 'The Force,' this tweet noted the only force with him was the "Police Force."


Darth Vader connection

Darth Vader of course, is liable to be very irritated. Many of the comments noted that. This was one of the best.

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