China: Five interesting video clips of this largely unknown country

China's often in the news for all the wrong reasons, but here are five videos that show an interesting and unusual side to Chinese life.


China is often in the news for the wrong reasons. For example, animal activists condemn the demand for rhino horn and ivory. Then there's the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and the terrible torture of dogs that Lisa Vanderpump is fighting to stop. However, for most people, China, a vast country, remains a mystery. Years of communist isolation left so many people unaware of what life was like. Well, here are five short video clips that are an interesting insight and a tiny glimpse into the massive country. Of course, China still remains isolated in many ways, so it's hard to know for sure that these are not doctored vids. Anyway, for light entertainment, enjoy.


Super-speedy waiter service

It seems that in China, the demand for fast-food comes with a different meaning. In this clip, waiters zoom around on roller-skates piled with food for clients in a restaurant.


Convenient train station

Tired of catching a bus to get to the tube, or slogging the pavements? Well, maybe the Chinese have the right idea. Why not just head on up to the sixth floor of your apartment and catch the train from there?


Competitive people

China likes to start their athletes training young. This video shows a supposedly two-year-old practicing ping pong. The kid's so small they have to sit on the table tennis table.


Winter Boot Camp

You probably don't want to mess with Chinese cops. This video is apparently showing some of them training at Winter Boot Camp.


What do the Chinese do for fun?

It seems that Chinese tourists enjoy a bit of an edge to their lives. Nope, just looking at a waterfall's boring - so why not walk out over the precipice to spice up your sightseeing? Glass bridges are not uncommon in China. In fact, a wild boar with a bit more sense than the tourists wandered onto one in November and had to be rescued after freezing in fear. (

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