Twitter reacts to news Ivanka Trump used personal email for government business

News just hit the airwaves that Ivanka Trump was using a personal email address to send White House related emails, causing Twitter to react strongly.

Around two years after a major controversy raised its head over the fact that Hillary Clinton had used a private email server to send government-related emails, another person is in hot water for the same reason. Ivanka Trump has reportedly been caught out using a personal email address for sending White House administration emails.

In the past, the words "Lock her up!" reverberated from US President Donald Trump's mouth and Twitter account. It will be interesting to see his reaction [VIDEO] now his daughter has been caught doing virtually the same thing as "crooked Hillary."

As noted by the Huffington Post, Twitter being [VIDEO] Twitter, users couldn't keep their fingers and thumbs off their keyboards and phones once the news broke of Trump's actions, with some hilarious results. The hashtags #IvankaTrump, #ButHerEmails and #LockHerUp are definitely doing the rounds.


Donald Trump's night so far

On top of the current scandal, the Palmer Report referred to Donald Trump's claim that proper raking could have prevented the deadly and devastating California fires, suggesting the Trump family could be well employed doing a little raking in the forest behind their prison.


'Lock her up!'

Deep State Sha-Doh! ‏headed to Twitter with a charming and animated image of Hillary Clinton, asking about Ivanka's emails with the expected hashtag #lockherup.


'But her emails'

Tara Dublin Stands With Nancy Pelosi tweeted a (much younger) photo of Clinton, pouring a nice cup of tea, inferring this was a live shot of Hillary's reaction to the news that Ivanka was trending on Twitter.


Karma by email?

Columnist Aisha Sultan queried the fact that it seems karma can now be sent via email.


'Hillary's Emails'

Activist Ryan Knight also leans towards the "karma" theory with his tweet sent out today.


'But her emails' #lockherup

Political tweeter Brian Gay wonders why Ivanka didn't know it was illegal to send government emails from a private email server, even though she knew it was illegal when Clinton did it two years ago.


'Grossly unaware of reality'

As reported by Haaretz, National Security lawyer, Bradley P. Moss took a firmer stance on the news, questioning Ivanka's awareness of reality.


Honour of serving in the White House

Last, but definitely not least, Roland Scahill made a Twitter reference to the recent firing by Melania Trump of deputy national security adviser Mira R. Ricardel, asking whether Ivanka still deserves the honour of serving in the White House.

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