DJ Michael Savage has come up with an idea to raise money for a charity called Temwa. Based in Bristol, the charity helps to reduce poverty in the more remote areas of Malawi. He is going to play Toto’s much-loved song Africa on vinyl on a loop for the whole evening at a Bristol event.

The event, which will be held at Exchange a music venue in Bristol, on November 30, with Savage playing the song continuously for five hours. Various generous people have sponsored the event, whether by attending it, or not going at all, and all proceeds will go to the charity Temwa.

Toto’s Africa is Savage’s “go-to” track

Savage says he has played the track in recent years to bring people in the dancehall together. According to the DJ, everyone appears to know the Toto song or at least part of the chorus. He said he was messing around with his friend while they were drunk and he suggested having a night where Toto’s Africa was the only track played.

While semi-joking at the time, he said the idea stuck. Savage went on to add that there was a two-year period where he kept talking about the idea and he suddenly thought he really had to do this, adding that it was a “slow gestation.”

Savage said how much he loves the track and that it is unusual.

It was the “ultimate guilty pleasure,” although he is not sure if he will fall asleep during the marathon or not. The song Toto by Africa is included below for anyone that – for some weird reason – have never heard it!

As reported by the BBC, the Toto song will be played on a repeating loop in the main room at the venue from 11 PM to 4 AM.

In the bar next door, various cover versions and remixes of the song will be played. Savage went on to say he feels sorry for the bar staff at the venue, as they will be stuck in the middle of the whole thing. Below is a classic cover version of Africa performed by the Angel City Chorale.

Charity event might be extended to 12 hours

According to a report by the Guardian, Savage and the organisers of the event are hoping to extend it to 12 hours. The DJ has registered the event with the Guinness World Records in order for the venture to be recognised officially. He said he tries not to think about the event too much, or he might get worried that people’s mood will change after hearing the same song for an hour or two. However, he imagines everyone will be there to make it a success and have fun along the way.

The song Africa was released by Toto in 1982 and it is still their biggest hit, with millions of people streaming it.

When Steve Lukather, a member of the band, heard about the event, he tweeted to say it would be "worse than waterboarding" after it had played so many times. He said they cut the track in 1981, asking people if they think they’ve heard it too much, but adding that it is now a gift.

Temwa tackling rural poverty in Malawi

All the proceeds from the marathon event will be given to Temwa, a charity that works to tackle the major causes of rural poverty in Malawi.

The Bristol-based charity relies on community fundraisers and said this event could lead to hundreds of trees being planted in the central African country.

A spokesperson for Temwa said the money raised by the event will help to transform the lives of people in some of the poorest communities in the world. They added that just the £5 door entry fee alone would give someone clean water, or allow them to plant 10 trees. Temwa has already helped many people, after planting over one million trees and training 5,000 farmers.

The charity has also secured clean drinking water for over 2,000 people in Malawi. Temwa has also supplied mobile clinics to test for HIV and has provided bursaries for many children to allow them to complete secondary school education.

While we are on a marathon of Toto's Africa, why not listen to one more cover version by Perpetuum Jazzile?