Being a new mum can be a very lonely and isolating time. It isn’t just the physical impact on your body after having a baby but also the mental impact which can have lasting damage.

A survey by found that more than 90% of new mums felt lonely. 80% of mums wanted more "mummy friends", but 30% admitted they have never felt they could start a conversation with another mum.

Excluded parents

Many mums said the fear of bitchiness or ‘cliques’ made them feel excluded at the school gates or baby groups.

This is where We Got This (Sometimes!) - comes in, created by Norfolk based Emma Victor Smith after the birth of her son she felt as though she couldn’t get to the events she saw on social media where she saw mums being inspired and connecting with one another.

Realising that not everyone found the standard baby and toddler groups were quite the right fit, she set out to create events which saw guest speakers come to her hometown of Norwich to "revive, restore and inspire".

Emma attended a workshop and after an encouraging word or two from the famous social media personality and author Katie Kirby aka Hurrah For Gin, We Got This (Sometimes!) was born. Emma tells me exclusively that;

"What really made me go for it was a book called Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women - it gave me confidence in myself and my experience so far, and made it possible for me to build my own website!"

She goes on to say;

"Motherhood throws up numerous challenges that you can’t predict; isolation, anger, sadness, boredom.

Instagram, podcasts and coming out to events to meet likeminded women can help us feel more normal and find tricks and tips to make the day to day parenting malarkey easier."

After juggling motherhood and building a brand she has built up the business from scratch she now has a number of sold out events in Norwich under her belt; An evening with Katie Kirby aka Hurrah For Gin, Busting the SuperMum myth with Anya Hayes and The Scummy Mummies Show.

Success is quickly spreading as she now has franchises in Belfast and Twickenham after local mums saw that these events were lacking in their areas.

Keen to help other parents that are finding it hard to get out Emma also supports the local charity based in Norwich called Get Me Out of These Four Walls. It helps, supports and empowers those struggling with motherhood and getting out of the house.

Just what a new parent needs

As a new parent anxiety of leaving the house is rife even if you have never experienced it before. After all, you are now responsible for an actual human, and you can sometimes be fooled by the safety and comfort of your own home that makes you believe you cannot leave.

I have attended two events of Emma’s now, after battling severe PND and anxiety for seven months I concur these are just what new parents need. They provide a space for like-minded people to connect, to inspire and to just make you feel understood. Emma herself is a wonderful host that despite having a packed-out event will make you feel as though you are just as important as everyone else around you.

To be given the chance to see some of your favourite speakers with ease, affordability and accessibility is going to be a lifeline to new parents everywhere.

More events for mums

Already based in three locations, I think it is likely only a matter of time before we see many more especially with the great future events planned such as Fashion Re:boot,‘The brainchild of magazine editor Ciara Elliot and fashion editor Erica Davies, Fashion Re:boot is a fashion community event - fashionistas, bloggers, stylists and boutiques can de-clutter their wardrobes, and two hundred women will come to buy it!’

And another sold-out event in Twickenham; ‘A Night in with Hurrah for Gin - (Sold out) Katie Kirby, author/ blogger/greeting card maker / social media celeb and general all-round mums' heroine is coming to Twickenham!’

The Scummy Mummies event was so popular that a waiting list had to be made and a future date added.

We Got This (Sometimes!) has been featured in local Norfolk paper the EDP, Radio Norfolk and The Metro.

Do you think parents could benefit from similar events in your area? Please email Emma at to find out about franchising.