Amazon had already offered a Visa card to all its US customers in 2013, then a Store Card (reserved for Prime subscribers, paying $ 11 a month or 99 for a year), which can only be used to buy on the site. This time, the Chase Manhattan Bank (JP Morgan Chase Group) has two Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature cards. They are in blue metal, or black (Visa Prime) and allow all the transactions open to the holders of a Visa card.

Amazon credit and loyalty

The Prime Card is also a loyalty card because it offers not only a discount but a 5% credit on the price of a purchase on Amazon, but also 2% on restaurant notes, purchases of fuel (and other products available in drugstores).

For all other purchases, the bonus is 1% where settled. This Visa service aligns itself with those of most online banks: no commissions on payments abroad, insurance on travel and concierge service (for example, Booking of shows). In the United States, the number of subscribers to the Prime service, which allows delivery in the day (soon also by drone), could approach 65 million. It is almost a fifth of the population. Many online banking customers are mostly attracted by the free cards, increasingly used for any type of payment prompting banks to reduce the number of ATMs.

Amazon cards would attract more customers

The Amazon cards could attract many users who, accumulating their credits, would then spend online on Amazon which now offers almost any type of product.

Amazon will also be able to plot consumer profiles according to the types of purchases they make offline. What distinguishes these cards from others of type "fidelity" is that the credits acquired can be cumulated without time limit: what is acquired is forever. Amazon will extend this type of offer anywhere in the world, in partnership with Chase or other banks.

By 2016, Amazon has sold more than two billion products or services. In France and Belgium. The premium service, available at 40 euros / year, offers some services available in the United States but the objective is to extend them. The launch of a Visa card open to all (in the US at the moment) is one element to attract as many buyers on this service. Amazon is not the only online actor who wants to extend its services. This initiative is perhaps going to make Facebook react which also seeks to launch into online commerce.