Mark Zuckerberg announced that a powerful Artificial intelligence could be used for the purpose of monitoring fake news, We have dealt with several times of the issue of false news within Facebook and beyond, underlining how artificial intelligence may soon become the dominant weapon for the company in Menlo Park, in contrast to the content that glorifies violence, nudity or who contravenes in any way the guidelines.

According to the Facebook account Yann LeCun who is the head development manager within the company ,before implementing such a solution, however, the social network should develop clear and universal rules to ensure responsible application of this technology.

Since then the same could prove all too effective in filtering the content.

Same artificial intelligence against false news

The same synthetic intelligence, as well as being used to eliminate false information, could also be used to block the transmission of live direct news that contravenes the rules of the community, but the whole finding a balance between freedom of expression and prevention against the spread of undesirable content within the social network.

We'll see what will be the developments on this issue and, above all, we will see when Facebook will implement such an advanced solution to address the problem of the promotion of violence (or other unwanted issues) through its direct streaming.

Amazon: artificial intelligence identifies even the dogs

The Jeff Bezos company has developed a form of synthetic intelligence that is capable of recognizing the dogs as well. Let's go back and take a look at the artificial intelligence world; giving a look now to a news story concerning the company,Jeff Bezos, who has already developed several products based on AI, and even within its cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS ), it provides ad hoc resources to implement advanced technological solutions.

The latest addition from Seattle

The latest addition from Seattle, in fact, is called Amazon Recognition. As the name suggests it is a platform that lets you make image recognition: this solution, which is able to analyze the photos and identify faces human, it is also able to understand the emotions expressed on faces and to identify objects.