Jupiter Entertainment, a U.S. production company founded in early 1996, saw its 60% stake being taken over by Sky – which is a European TV operator.

Founded by Stephen Land, Jupiter is the production mind behind nonfiction shows like "Wild West Alaska" of Animal Planet and "Homicide Hunter" of Discovery channel, amongst others. Overall, Jupiter has been famous for its content on some of the leading nonfiction entertainment channels like History channel and Discovery channel.

With its majority stake in Jupiter, Sky will now take charge of the production house's distribution wing.

Apart from its recent stake acquisition, Sky also has its stake in UK-based Love Productions and Los Angeles-based Znak & Jones.

Jupiter has a strong growth rate and Sky, on the other hand, has a global presence & reach, thus this stake acquisition will result in creating a harmonious growth friendly relationship. Sky is creating a pan European network and this step is just a part of the whole expansion process. November 2014 saw Sky's consolidation of its operations in UK, Italy & Germany, and 2015 has witnessed its majority stake holding in Jupiter Entertainment, making it a powerful conglomerate.

While Sky is on its way to touch newer heights, Jupiter Entertainment too portrayed a similar desire when it announced its partnership with Random Publishing house, thus giving it a sneak peek into the publishing business.

In the past, almost a year ago, Jupiter also invested in an investment banking company to grow globally. The last three years have been more than fantastic for Jupiter Entertainment, and with a super total of eight of its series currently in production it's rapidly building its bank of quality content. Jupiter Entertainment will still carry on its business independently even under the new ownership and will continue to produce quality content.

The terms of this deal are yet not made public, but as of now it looks like it's a win-win situation for both the parties involved, since their strengths run parallel. And it's important to note that Sky holding a majority stake in Jupiter Entertainment is not going to affect any of Jupiter's agreements with other distributors or broadcasters.

All of this news seemed to affect the share price: on Monday afternoon, shares of Sky were trading higher by 0.05% at 1008 pence. This partnership will surely be Sky's ticket to breaking grounds in the U.S. market.

It's the age of limitless possibilities and Jupiter's strong domestic presence unifying Sky's global reach will only go ahead and create a bundle of opportunities for both parties. Sky's decision promises not only quality content, but quality content having global reach which is the key to creating globally appreciated content.