If the lettering of Brazilian Fors Cola Life soft drink bottles reminds you of Coca-Cola Life, you're not alone. The American giant thought so too, so it sued the Brazilian company Fors, which produces and sells soft drinks and snacks in Brazil. Coca-Cola lost.

According to Brazilian newspaper O Globo, the suit was filed last year arguing that Fors had plagiarised the label, lettering and colour of Coca-Cola Life, a product the company sells in the United Kingdom and the United States but not in Brazil. Coca-Cola Life contains sugar and stevia, a natural sweetener, and any non-alcoholic beverage with sugar mixed with sweeteners is forbidden in Brazil, so the product is barred from the country.

Coca-Cola actually won the initial injunction and got Fors Cola Life to be removed from the market in July 2014. But the parent company from Franca, São Paulo, appealed the decision and won the Lawsuit. Judge Maria Christina Berardo Rucker dismissed the charges and ruled it's impossible to confuse the two products, which bear a green label with the word "Life". Coca-Cola told G1 they're going to appeal to the High Court of Justice.

"The author [Coca-Cola] does not possess the exclusive right to use the colour green, nor the word life, as per the regulation that assesses the rights and obligations pertaining intellectual property," the judge stated in her decision. She added that green and life are often used to "demonstrate a greater concern about health and nature" and said that rival Pepsi also uses green in its stevia products, Pepsi True.

Fors chief Antônio Carlos Franchini Filho was obviously happy with the decision and told Globo that Fors Cola Life is not similar to Coke Life, accusing the American company of trying to "make a reservation" in the Brazilian market. "Our product is different because it has zero sugar and zero sodium, different from anything in the Brazilian and international markets," he said. It took them a year to finish the the recipe.

Brazil banned non-alcoholic beverages that mix sugar and sweeteners in 2009, which is why Coca-Cola Life can't be sold in the country.