After seeing some great results in Round 1, we are now super excited to announce Round 2 of our Top 3 Competition! Do you have it in you to win this time?

What is the Top 3 Competition?

It’s a challenge to get to the top. We will reward our top three 3 blasters who attract the largest number of readers on all their articles.

What can I win?

Some serious cash. But it depends on your ranking at the end of round 2.




How long does Round 2 last?

Round 2 starts today the 1st of March and ends on Wednesday the 15th of March.

How does Blasting News rank its top 3 Blasters?

Your ranking will depend on the number of people that read your article during round 2 (this includes both Social and Generic traffic). Please note that the traffic to your articles from the Social Blasters will not be counted. Of course, Blasting News will validate your traffic at the end of the competition, discounting all the non-human or spammy traffic. So, please be careful!

How do I know if I won?

Winners will be announced on the 20th of March and the prizes will be paid out with your next upcoming payment request.

So! What are you waiting for? Start writing and sharing now.

Happy Blasting,


Ps: The winners of Round 1 will be revealed on March 5th. Keep on the lookout for this announcement.