Get excited because tomorrow our new Social Day begins!

What is Social Day?

It’s the day when we double the compensation for social traffic. This means that you can earn twice as much for every article you write and share.

How long does the Social Day last?

The promotion will be applied to all the articles published from Thursday, 2nd 11PM GMT to #Friday, 3rd 11PM GMT.

How much can I earn?

From Thursday, 2nd 11PM GMT to Friday, 3rd 11PM GMT the new compensation scheme will be:

Social: £25.20 CPM Generic: £8.00 CPM For the categories: Showbiz & TV and Sport Social: £16.80 CPM Generic: £6.00 CPM For the categories: Business, Lifestyle, News, Opinion, Tech, World

Am I getting double the compensation also from the traffic coming from Social Blasters?

If a Social Blaster shares your article, you will not earn the double compensation for that traffic.

This promotion only applies to traffic you generate by sharing articles.

Are Social Blaster's earning a double compensation, as well?

Yes, both Social Blaster and Standard Blaster will earn a double compensation for the traffic they generate from Social Media. So let the countdown begin.

Keep blasting,

Blasting News UK Team #News Uk