#Football Bonus

Calling all football fans!

We are giving out an extra £5 for the first 20 articles on #football.

What can you write about?

Pretty much anything related to #football. You could write about football matches this week, your favourite team, your favourite players, #ChampionsLeague, #EuropaLeague or even #PremierLeague.

Things to do:

1) Use the tag #Football. News without this tag will NOT get the fixed bonus.

2) Tag your team and mention it in the title. (See the 5 golden rules here)

3) Publish under the sports category

4) Share your article!

How can you make more money?

Start by following our five Golden Rules to get the best value out of your articles. You can find the Golden Rules on the top right corner of your writing dashboard, or click on his LINK here

Is there a deadline?

This bonus is valid from now till Friday, March 17th 11:59 PM. But it may have an early end when we reach 20 published articles. (Don't worry we'll let you know when our quota is reached)

Where can you find the bonus amount you earned?

On your writer's dashboard you’ll find ONLY the standard amount of money. Bonus compensation will be confirmed via email once the promotion ends.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at uk@blastingnews.com!

So what are you waiting for? Start writing and sharing now!

Happy blasting.