Every day till December 24th, write about Christmas and get £5 fixed per article on top of the standard compensation.

1. What to write about

Please write about (suggestions):

  • Christmas and the final countdown
  • Christmas TV
  • Sports during the Christmas period

2. Category where to publish your article

Style, Showbiz & TV, Sports, Food&Wine

3. Tag to enter in each article

"Christmas". News without this tag will NOT get the fixed bonus.

4. How can you make more money

Please make sure to strictly follow the five Golden Rules to get the best value out of your articles.

You can find the Golden Rules on the top right corner of your writing dashboard, or at the bottom of this email.

5. Deadline

This bonus is valid from Wednesday, December 21th 12:00 AM (EST) until Saturday, December 24th 11:59 PM (EST) for the first 20 articles published everyday with the tag “Christmas”. The bonus may have an early end when we reach the daily quota of 20 published articles (see below point 6).

6. Limitations

  • ONLY the first 20 articles published daily will be rewarded the fix £5 per article, so make sure to write fast and get published.
  • However, all the published articles will get the standard compensation. The £5 fixed bonus is on top of the standard compensation.
  • When the first 20 daily articles have been published, Blasting News will communicate on the early end of the promotion both via Facebook group and notification.


Where you can find the bonus amount you earned

On the writing dashboard you’ll find ONLY the standard amount of money. Bonus compensation will be confirmed via email once the promotion ends.


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1. Put your readers first

This is the most important rule: always create great content to engage your audience.

Don’t abuse any optimization techniques and don’t spam social networks (read social sharing guidelines here). We have algorithms to prevent SEO abuse and spam and we are very serious about banning people that bother our readers.

2. Pick one keyword to build your article

Not sure which keyword to pick? Check out Google Trends and follow these two simple steps:

  • Enter your potential keywords in Google Trends search bar and compare them with each other
  • Select the one with the best performance in the last few days.


Start the title with that keyword

Your title should look natural to the readers, so start your title with the chosen keyword whenever fitting.

4. Include that keyword in each H2

The suggested structure should be:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • 1° paragraph
  • H2
  • 2° paragraph
  • H2
  • 3° paragraph
  • The first paragraph of your article should be at least 500 characters long.
  • Start the H2 with your chosen keyword or close variations, whenever possible.

5. Use the keyword in the article body

You should repeat a keyword no more than 4 or 5 times per article. Don’t abuse repeating your keywords, as your text won’t seem natural to your readers.

If you have any doubts or encounter any problems, please get in touch with us at uk@blastingnews.com