The minimum guaranteed payment of £25 per article has been renewed and will continue for an additional month. Also, the threshold to earn it has been lowered to 500 readers (instead of 1000). Awesome, right?

How does it work?

For each article you publish, if it reaches 500 readers, you’ll never earn less than £25.

This is a minimum guaranteed payment: if you exceed £25 with the standard compensation based on the number of readers of your article, you will earn the standard amount.

How long does it last?

The campaign is active from December 21th 00:00 AM, until the end of January 21th, 2016 (timezone CET).

So, jump on the writing platform and write your next viral news piece right now.

Information on the initiative

Blasting News is becoming bigger and better thanks to the support of Google DNI. Back in February we announced that Blasting News was chosen by Google DNI to revolutionize information in Europe. Blasting News for Publishers is the result of that choice: the new and exciting marketplace will bring together the best content producers (yes, you!) with the top publishers of the new digital era.

By participating in this initiative, not only you will get the £25 minimum guaranteed per article, you will also register to Blasting News for Publishers and be notified when the new marketplace is live, getting extra revenue opportunities.


The £25 minimum guaranteed expires when 50 of your articles overpass 500 readers.

The articles you already wrote during the previous bonus will count towards the reaching of the 50 articles maximum threshold.

This minimum guaranteed is intended per person, so each writer is allowed to have one Blasting News profile only. The company reserves the right to require proof of identity to proceed with the payment.

If you have any doubt, please get in touch: