Hi Blasters!

As many of you already know, Facebook is your most powerful tool for reaching a greater audience. We've written a quick guide to help you use this tool to get more people to your articles and earn more. Please also watch the video at the end of this article for more information.

There are three main types of Facebook sharing that you should do each time you publish a new article. These are sharing the link to your article with:

  • Your friends and family;
  • Groups in which you participate;
  • Other groups related to the topic of the article you are sharing and which could find it interesting. You can find these groups through Facebook search;

For this to work more effectively, don't just paste the link.

Provide some additional information on what people can find in the article and why they should read it. Add a small description about the topic, some info to get the reader interested and maybe even a direct request to the person reading your post - what marketers call a Call to Action. This can be a simple Share it! or Learn all about this!

Another trick that has proven to be effective is using emotions. For example, when you use exclamation points, statistically, your post will reach up to 2.7x more people. The same happens with question marks: When you ask the reader questions, he/she will feel more compelled to interact with your post, by liking, commenting or sharing your article.

Lastly, if your article is about something or someone that has an official Facebook account, mention it in your post.

This is done by adding the symbol @ before the brand/person you want to mention. As soon as you start typing Facebook will present various suggestions and you simply have to choose the official one.

There are a few key rules to keep in mind, and interaction is the most important of them. If you interact with you friends' posts, they will be more likely to interact with yours.

Also try to understand when your readers/friends are usually online and post at those times. For some people that's in the morning and at lunch time, for others it's late at night. We're sure you know your friends better than anyone.

As a final point, we would like to state clearly that we do not promote SPAM, on the contrary!

Share your articles only with people and groups that have an interest in the topic you are covering. SPAM will make you look bad and will, in time, get you blocked both from Facebook and from Blasting News. Be smart, follow our advice, and you'll do great!