Mikolaj Wilk, 35, was attacked shortly after 3 a.m. in his home in Ballincollig, County Cork in Ireland. Wilk died of his injuries in hospital, while his partner, only named as Elzbieta and who is in her early 30s, was seriously injured. Another woman and Wilk’s two children survived the attack.

The BBC reports that the two children, both under six years of age, had witnessed the brutal attack on their father and mother. Another woman was reportedly in the home at the time but managed to escape via a window. A murder enquiry has been opened relating to the incident.

Polish national attacked by armed gang

The Independent notes that there were a number of men involved in the home invasion, all of which were armed. Police initially believed there were four men involved. The gang entered Wilk’s home in the early hours of Sunday morning, brutally attacking Wilk and his partner. The two children reportedly witnessed the incident, but were unharmed, while a second woman managed to leave the home using a window.

Wilk, who is also known locally as Nick, was taken to the Cork University Hospital but was pronounced dead at 5:30 AM. His partner’s injuries, while serious, are not considered to be life-threatening.

Murder investigation launched

The Gardai have opened a murder investigation into the killing of Wilk and are appealing for information from anyone in the area, who may have noticed suspicious or unusual activities that night.

In a press conference, Superintendent Colm O’Sullivan said Wilk had left a family behind as well as many friends living in the Polish community. He included the wider community of Ballincollig in his address, saying that their thoughts were with Wilk’s family and friends.

While police did not mention the weapons used in the brutal attack and only called it a “serious assault,” TV3 is saying that the gang had used machetes in their attack.

O’Sullivan continued by saying Wilk was found with life-threatening injuries in the home and that officers gave emergency medical attention to the homeowner while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

Police said Wilk died in the hospital, despite the efforts of all medical teams involved. O’Sullivan added that Wilk’s partner was also taken to the Cork University Hospital but had only suffered non-life threatening injuries from the home invasion.

O'Sullivan said the two children were in the care of social workers.

Gardai looking for dashcam footage or witnesses in the area

Police believe the armed gang abandoned their car, setting fire to it following the attack on Wilk and his partner. A BMW 3 series car was discovered by the Cork County Fire Service in Waterfall, six kilometres (just under four miles) from the scene of the attack. Police have preserved the scene in the home and where the car was found to carry out forensic investigations. One report on Twitter is saying there was a firearm found in the vehicle.

The Gardai noted that they are anxious to interview any drivers who may have been travelling through the Ballincollig, Maglin, Waterfall and the Ballinora areas between 2 AM.

and 5 AM. on Sunday morning, who may have dashcam footage of the vehicle. They are also anxious to interview anyone who spotted anything unusual or suspicious in those areas during the last three days.

A fundraising page has been opened to help the family following the attack and murder of Wilk. Wilk, also known as Nick, ran a garden maintenance business in the area and had lived in Ireland for a number of years.