President Erdogan is a man who the Americans don't feel happy about. Ever since he came to power he has been following an independent policy which at times clashes with American interests. Erdogan feels that the last coup attempt had the blessings of the CIA and has been demanding the handing over of his opponent Gulen, noted the GroundTruth Project.

The cleric is in exile in the USA and is a known opponent of Erdogan but he has denied any hand in the coup against the Turkish president. The Americans have not obliged and this is one of the causes of Erdogan's ire.

Global Security has reported that close on the heels of buying the S400 Russian missile system, Erdogan may go in for the Russian Su 57 multi-role fighter. This was after the US house committee passed a bill that in summary would bar countries like Turkey which buy Russian weaponry, from being sold the F-35.


The bone of contention is an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This has been proposed by Democratic Senator from Michigan, Jeanne Shaheen, and Thom Tillis the Republican senator for North Carolina.This amendment bars countries like Turkey from being beneficiaries of the F-35 program for buying Russian weaponry like the S-400 missile system.

Turkey has already signed the deal and accelerated delivery of the weapon system is expected to commence by late 2019.

Russia has given very favourable terms to Turkey and it is reported that Turkey will pay 45 percent of the total cost and the rest will be financed by Russia with a soft loan.


The Russians and Putin are obviously delighted as it means a chink in NATO. Turkey has been a member of the alliance for decades. Another country which could also face sanctions is India which is going ahead with the purchase of the S-400 system, the Sputnik International reported.

This was confirmed after the recent meeting between Narendra Modi the Indian prime minister and Putin at Sochi last week.

The S-400 is a highly effective anti-missile system and many countries in the world including China, have opted to buy the shield. The SU-57 is supposed to be the Russian answer to the F-35. It is a cost-effective alternative to the American plane and costs half the price of an F-35, according to Yani Safak, a Turkish language Newspaper.


President Trump has tried to make amends with Erdogan but despite talking to him directly, the Turkish president continues to follow an independent agenda. President Trump will have to think of something else to keep Turkey in the American orbit.