In 1953 the Korean War came to an end and the 38th parallel was recognized as the line of demarcation. No peace treaty was signed and so technically the North and South are still at war. Over the decades the north has been developing nuclear weapons and now has reached a stage where it can be considered a nuclear power. The United States for years has been asking for a denuclearisation of North Korea but the North never gave up its nuclear program. Kim Jong-un the Korean dictator has now indicated that he would like a meeting with the US President Donald Trump.

The message has been passed to Washington and Donald Trump. CNN has reported that the invitation and the desire for a meeting were passed to the South Korean delegation by the Korean Dictator himself during a dinner meeting in the capital of North Korea.

Verbal duel

The world, long used to the verbal duel between the US President Donald Trump and the Korean Dictator Kim Jong, has been taken aback by the developments. Many are hoping that a breakthrough has been achieved and North Korea will denuclearise and people are calculating as to what the North will ask in return for it. But some of the observers have opined that the situation is not so simple. It is not understood how the Korean Dictator has changed color so suddenly.

It probably surprised the US President too. To be fair to Donald Trump, he had always said that he would like to meet the Korean Dictator given the right circumstances.

The thaw

The thaw in relations started prior to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Kim Jong appeared to have a change of heart when he sent an invitation through his sister to the South Korean President Moon, to make a visit to North Korea.

The north korean leader Kim Jong, is a very shrewd man and we do not know what the background to his change of heart could be. As per reports emanating from South Korea, it appears that North Korea will be denuclearised.

Kim a shrewd man

One should remember the old saying "if wishes were horses beggars would ride." This is my view of the present situation.

I do not see how the North Korean Dictator will throw away his nuclear deterrent. In any case, North Korea has never said that they will denuclearize but there are hundreds of statements made by Korean leaders that have stated that come what may they will never give up their nuclear deterrent.

The question

Will the North denuclearise? it appears highly improbable and many are wondering what the reason s behind the desire of the Korean leader to meet with Donald Trump. One reason could be that he would like to break away from the clutches of China by becoming closer to the USA. The Korean people, by and large, are not too enamored of China. They also hate the Japanese who had colonized them for many years.

In the background of this hatred, one can see that Kim Jong-un is playing cards close to his chest.

Nevertheless, he has taken a bold step and though Kim Jong will not give up his nuclear weapons he may well call halt to further development. In all probability, the fact that North Korea has got the status of a nuclear power would give Kim Jong the strength to talk to the United States on an equal footing. Credit must also go to Donald Trump who went at North Korea with hammer and tongs. At the same time, he did mention that he would be ready to meet Kim Jong. This shows Donald is a pragmatic man and it is possible that a meeting between the two leaders could be a Win-Win situation for both