THE GOVERNMENT are ready to take the heroic step and send people to war for absolutely no reason other than to satisfy a violent urge. Also, it might have something to do with the fact that they haven’t looked particularly good since last year and have been itching for some kind of conflict to try and improve this, traditional colonial foreign policy at work.

There is of course overwhelming evidence that Bashar al-Assad did this and it makes perfect sense, right? French President Emmanuel Macron has even stated that he has evidence but he hasn’t revealed what it is and still needs to decide whether action is to be taken.

Senseless violence and war

This all makes perfect patriotic sense, right? There is nothing here that could possibly go wrong, I mean, there are no historical warnings about using military intervention when the evidence doesn’t exist and only later it is revealed that the evidence they did claim was in fact, fabricated entirely. It surely takes a heroic and strong step to decide that military intervention is necessary in this entire debacle? There are so many questions rather than answers over the chemical attack itself and the timing makes very little sense on Russia and Assad’s part.

The Syrian army had surrounded the last town of the resistance and they were negotiating a cease in hostilities.

The next step would be of course to use a chemical attack on that region because why not? Assad is certainly no angel and he has in past used the kinds of weapons that only the US are seemingly allowed to use but tactically, this makes no sense. I have written some articles that had some detail of the complex history of the region and its wars.

It was clear from when the west first began to fund the uprising, that Assad was happy to use excess force to try and quell the threat, he is not a good person.

Yet, not much is being made of the UK and US’s initial intervention that helped the rise of ISIL and the media have not questioned the validity of the claims of the attack in the first place and cut off anyone who diverges from the narrative they are trying to sell.

Not to put a too finer point on it but it makes no sense that someone who is about to win, even the US admitted recently that they had won, would intentionally use Chemical Weapons. Plus, in the meantime, Israel are proactively genocidal towards the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia are ploughing through Yemen, yet there is no outrage over those deaths by western powers, however, when it comes to Syria, there is all of a sudden irrefutable evidence that can’t ignored.